Asking for a pay rise

Would you like a pay rise? Do you want to earn more money in your current job? What’s the best way to ask your boss or manager for a wage  increase?

Prepare your case – why should your boss give you a pay rise?

Write notes about your job over the last year. Is it the same as when you started? Have you taken on more responsibility? Do you put in extra time? Do you have comments from workmates about how you’ve improved? Have you saved your company any money? Why do you think you’re worth more money?

What to do before you ask for a raise

Check how much others are being paid for jobs similar to yours. Search online and talk to friends and family. Be prepared to negotiate, and work out the minimum about you will accept. Put yourself in your manager’s or team leader’s shoes. Why should he / she offer you more money?  How long have you been doing your job? What skills have you gained? Make short notes to remind you about what you want to say.

How to talk to your boss about getting a pay rise

Timing is very important. Don’t talk to your boss about this while he / she is distracted or in a hurry. Make a time to sit down and talk. Be on time for your appointment. Be prepared to go to work early or stay late to meet with the right person. After the meeting, your boss may need some time to think about your request. Ask when you can get together again to discuss his / her decision and remember to thank him / her for their time.

How to handle the result

If you don’t get your pay increase, you’re entitled to ask your boss why. Keep your tone of voice calm and reasonable, and listen carefully to the answer. There could be many reasons, including not enough funding, or not your boss’s decision. If it’s related to your performance, find out what you’d need to do to earn an increase. Ask to meet again in 6 months to discuss your situation.

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